Scheherazade (Muti, Carol)

Scheherazade (Muti, Carol)
Genre:Symphony / Symphonic music
Composer:Nikolai Andreevich Rimskii-Korsakov
Conductor:Riccardo Muti
1 The Sea and Sinbad's Ship 10:05 18.48 Mb 256 Kbps buy
2 The Story of the Kalender Prince 12:37 23.10 Mb 256 Kbps buy
3 The Young Prince and the Young Princess 10:21 18.96 Mb 256 Kbps buy
4 The Festival of Bagdad-The Sea-The Ship goes to pieces on a Rock surmounted by a Bronze Warrior 12:18 22.53 Mb 256 Kbps buy

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