José de Nebra

José de Nebra
6.01.1702 - 11.07.1768


José Melchor Baltasar Gaspar Nebra Blasco (January 6, 1702 – July 11, 1768) was a Spanish composer.

José de Nebra was born in Calatayud and was taught by his father, José Antonio Nebra Mezquita (1672–1748), organist and master of choirboys at the Cathedral of Cuenca 1711-1729. Two brothers were also musicians: Francisco Javier Nebra Blasco (1705–1741), organist of La Seo in Zaragoza till he moved to Cuenca in 1729, then succeeded by his brother Joaquín Ignacio Nebra Blasco (1709–1782) till his death.[1] He died in Madrid.

More than 170 works by Nebra survive: masses, psalms, litanies, a Stabat Mater, a Salve Regina, cantatas, villancicos, and around thirty keyboard works. But his significance is as father of Spanish opera and the zarzuela.

Some of Nebra's operas, choral works and solo cantatas have been recorded on CD by the Spanish group Al Ayre Español, and other works by Los Músicos de Su Alteza.

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