Viktor Vlasov

Viktor Vlasov
Country:USSR, Ukraine
Period:XX age


Composer, teacher, performer. Winner of the all-Ukrainian Competition "The Best Piece for Folk Instruments" (1977). The Russian Gnessin Academy awarded him with a silver disk for "Contribution to the Art of Accordion" in 2003.

He was born in 1936. In 1963, graduated from Lviv Conservatoire (class of professor M.D. Obertjukhin).

Since 1965, he has been working for Odessa Conservatoire, Professor.

Simultaneously with his academician activities, V. Vlasov focuses on composing. He is an author of music for the film industry, including such movies as "The Air Seller" (director V. Ryabtsev), "Impudence" (director H. Yunhvald-Khilkevych), "The Berth" (director V. Kostromenko), "The Port" (director Yu. Chornyi), "Do as Appropriate" (director I. Horobets), "The ActionCrew" (director V. Vasylevskyi), "And Everything Will be Again…" (director Ya. Lupij), "Hu-Ha" (director V. Novak"), "Clink-Clunk" (director R. Vasylevskyi), "19 for Ever" (director M. Kats) and many others. V. Vlasov pays the closest attention to pieces for bayan. He is an author of three concerts, chamber pieces, dozens of concert compositions, illustrations and arrangements of folk melodies, popular jazz pieces (more than 30), and albums for the youth and children. His compositions have been published in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Yugoslavia with the aggregate circulation of more than million copies; they are constantly used for national and international competitions and festivals, included into curricula and test books, special literature on bayan. They are performed by the leading bands of Ukraine and Russia, recorded on CDs. His methodological publications include "Performance of Polyphonic Pieces for Bayan", "Stroke-Playing on Bayan", "On Creative Activities of I.A. Yashkevych", "Folk Performance - Professional Traditions", "Interpretation of Jazz Styles for Bayan", "Methods of Polyphonic Performance". He edited numerous music and scientific books.

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