Marco Dall'Aquila

Marco Dall'Aquila
1480 - 1538


 Marco Dall'Aquila (c.1480-after 1538) was a Venitian lutenist and composer known for musical forms called polyphonic ricercars.[1] He was born in L'Aquila but lived and worked in Venice.[2] He often performed at concerts in the houses of nobles in the city, and in 1505 he published Tabullatura et rasone de metter ogni canto in liuto.[3]

On 11 March 1505, Dall'Aquila also received a grant for a petition where he claimed to have developed a method of printing tablature which he could use to score any lute composition into tablature. In the petition for the grant, he also asked for a ban on other printing methods and imports of music scored by other methods, and for a portion of penalties paid for infringement. However, no printed editions demonstrating his method survive.

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