Venceslava Hruba-Freiberger

Voice/Instrument: Soprano


Born: September 28, 1945 - Dublocive, Czechoslovakia

The Czech soprano, Venceslava [Cĕnceslava] Hruba-Freiberger, attended the Conservatory in Prague.

After graduating from the Conservatory, Venceslava Hruba-Freiberger joined the operatic chorus of the Prague National Theatre. Her first solo performances took place in Plzen. She was then engaged by various operatic companies in the former GDR and went on to make successful appearances in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Britain, the Federal Republic of Germany and elsewhere.

Venceslava Hruba-Freiberger, who holds the honorary title of Kammersängerein, devotes much attention to lieder, oratorios and orchestral works with vocal parts. A performer of international standing, she sees the interpretation of works from age of J.S. Bach and Georg Frideric Handel as one of her greatest artistic challenges. Apart from working with the world-renowned St Thomas Choir, she has made highly successful appearances with the Neues Bachisches Collegium Musicum at concerts in St Cecily, Rome, and at La Scala, Milan. 

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